What is D2 Space?

Defined as ‘ D2 Assembly and Leisure’ in UK Planning Law

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended) puts uses of land and buildings into various categories known as ‘Use Classes’.
D2 Space may be used as any of the types of uses listed below:
  1. Area for Indoor or Outdoor sports and recreations (except for motor sports, or where firearms are used)
  2. Bingo Halls
  3. Boxing Clubs
  4. Cinemas
  5. Dance Halls (but not Night Clubs)
  6. Function Halls & Rooms
  7. Gymnasiums
  8. Music & Concert Halls
  9. Pilates Studios
  10. Skating Rinks
  11. Social Clubs
  12. Swimming Baths
  13. Yoga Centres

If you are looking for D2 Space?

Then please follow this link: http://d2space.co.uk/enquiries/enquiry-form-d2-space/